Food campaigners to take on the take-aways

The Talking Food: Taking Action Campaign Weekend has been taking place in Chester.

I’ve been following the live blog of the event here as participants from The Food Insiders’ Inquiry, the Lancashire Inquiry, the Cumbria Inquiry, the Merseyside and Cheshire Inquiry, the Greater Manchester Inquiry and the Young People’s Inquiry tackled some of the issues raised in food inquiries which have taken place over the past ten months to come up with a ‘local vision for food’.

The impact of take-aways got a lot of attention with the participants pledging to take action;

“The target here is to reduce the number of unhealthy takeaways so that means targeting local council planning departments, via councillors, because they have the power to make decisions to change things. MPs will also be targeted to address this isssue by reducing takeaways via the Localism Bill.”

In brief, the campaigns agreed after the two days were:

Education (1)– Access to healthy food education for adults and communities.

Education (2)– Better healthy food lessons in all schools.

Takeaways – Reduce the contribution of takeaways to unhealthy eating in the North West.

Advertising – Reduce the influence of junk food advertising aimed at kids, teens and adults.

Plenty more about the event and the detail of those campaigns here.