Marmite and mymate the long tail

It’s more than four years ago that I blogged here about the merits, or, otherwise of the new to market squeezy Marmite.

So I was a little surprised to receive this comment in:

“Well, it’s the 6th May 2011 and I have just replaced an old, much loved jar of Marmite with a new jar of so called Marmite. Like many of the previous correspondents, I have eaten Marmite all my life (60 years or so) and this new jar of Marmite is definitely not the same. Its paler, thinner and much less tasty. In short, its an insipid imitation of the original.”

It prompted an image of someone so irritated by the new jar of Marmite that the first thought in how to redress the problem was to turn to the interwebs and see if anyone else felt likewise and, by search, so they did!

Of course I shouldn’t have been the least bit surprised. Having long tails of content is a well-understood online concept but it did make me wonder how long the comments thread might eventually run for.

And to think about the often used newsroom phrase, “it’s not old till it’s told” or in this case “it’s not old till it’s googled”.


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