Eating for £50 a week? The market’s the answer

It’s been interesting watching the debate sparked by this series of views on whether it is possible (as Sainsbury’s claim) to feed a family for £50 a week.

The trolley put forward which comes in on the money includes stables such as bread and pasta but also tinned soup, packets or crisps and chocolates, prompting some commenters to question the nutritional value of the offer.

One reader pointed out that, “if you learn the basics of cooking and source food at street markets where you aren’t ripped off and less tempted to buy luxuries you don’t need, then yes, you can feed a family of four.”

And I see Katie over at Leeds Grub has been doing just that by carrying out her own value for money investigation – buying some everyday foods from the market, TescoOnline and two city centre Tesco stores to compare the prices actually available to people.

TescoOnline was the only one to beat the market prices (by £1.11) but only because of a special offer on the fish and in all other categories the market proved cheaper.

It is also worth remembering that on the market you can ask for any quantity, where as the supermarkets encourage you to buy multiple packs to get the best price. This is great for families but for single people and students with small/ shared kitchens in the city centre this is far from ideal. Today on the market I saw a lady buying just a single slice of ham- no waste, just what she wanted.”

See her findings in full here.

Do you feed your family for £50? Sound easy or unrealistic? Feel free to share your thoughts below.


3 thoughts on “Eating for £50 a week? The market’s the answer

  1. I think it’s totally possible, but will require clever and frugal meal plans and a lack of ‘just nipping to the shops’-ness about it. However, most of all, it requires the ability and time to cook, something that many people seem to be lacking in one or the other departments. Also, travelling for food to places like markets might be necessary, and it’s amazing how people don’t like walking an extra few hundred metres or more when they can’t be bothered. Still, I’m sure that a person that pushed for money would find a way if the only other alternative were starving. As my mum frequently says ‘Hunger’s good sauce!’.


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