Bakelady goes radio gaga

If you’re up and about early this morning, tune into BBC Radio Leeds Breakfast Live when the Bakelady will be telling all about her secret tearooms.

For the uninitiated the get togethers of tea and fabulous looking cakes take place in secret venues organised via a blog and at around 7am today she promises a radio interview to hear, “the clinking of cups and slurping of tea and lots of chatter from my guests.”

and that’s not the only appearance this week revealed on the blog;

“As a result of another exciting email I received only a few days ago, from the very nice people at Radio 4, you can hear Kerstin and I talking to the lovely Jenny Murray on Woman’s Hour on Friday 13th May – no I’m not superstitious, at around 10am live from Manchester.

“That, for now, is all I can tell you about. The rest is being kept close to my chest, after all this is the SECRET Tea Room.”

One thought on “Bakelady goes radio gaga

  1. Hi
    Thanks for the mention. Just want to let you know that the Radio Leeds program is now being aired Wednesday at around 7am.


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