The (link) baitbox: Street food, Subway’s complaints handling, secretive cakes and more

Some of the tastiest morsels with a northern edge to enjoy for your lunch.

Good to see plenty of Northern foodies get a mention in the Guardian’s best street food feature;  Leeds caterer Manjit’s Kitchen is offering to make the Indian dish Daulat ki chaat for customers; Manchester’s Jackie Kearney suggests using mushrooms to create a veggie version of the Thai dish Phat Kaphrao; Kada from Moorish Feasts in Leeds makes a version of burek, wrapping two layers of filo round goat’s cheese and lamb merguez; Hazvineyi Mapungwana of Shekinah African Food in Keighley, West Yorkshire, serves walkie-talkies with sadza (cornmeal) because she’s from Zimbabwe; Babushkas in Cheadle, south Manchester, serves a healthy version of bratwurst.

– I hear that food writers Tom Parker Bowles and Matthew Fort are on a mission to revive the Great British Pork Scratching. They’re launching their new brand, Mr Trotters, at Booths in Media City on Thursday.

– A new restaurant offering ‘good hearty original food from around the world’  has opened in Manchester’s South King Street – read more about Mish here.
– Example of poor customer service at a branch of Subway reported over at the Yorkshire Dales Food blog  not just a bad coffee – but a simply terrible response from a major brand.


– The baking force behind the Clandestine Cake Club is considering the future of the afternoon teas as well as getting used to television appearances. Expect to see her on the Alan Titchmarsh show around March 16. More details here.

– Ever wanted to have a veg box delivery but worried whether you’ll get through it all? Ruth Hinds has been carrying out a veg box experiment and her experience surprised her.

– Katie at Leeds Grub has got round to reviewing Create in King Street, Leeds and enjoyed an intersting sounding menu (squid and black pudding?) as well as a good feeling:

“Create is actually an organisation that provides support and training to disadvantaged people within Leeds, so as well as having a great meal you can get the extra satisfaction of knowing all of the profits get ploughed back into their good work. “


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