The woman who is baking her way around the world

bakesToday is, as I’m sure you’ll all know, world baking day when a global bakeathon will be taking place to share the joy of cakes. So what better day could there be to introduce you to the intrepid Lauren Prince who is attempting a journey around the world in 80 bakes.

From the safety and comfort of her north-east base, Lauren has been stirring, beating and scoffing her way through some of the cake-based cuisines of the world since September last year when she set about her challenge with a tart au citron.

Since then we’ve been treated to fancies such as the local Sunderland Gingerbread to exotics such as Herman the German Friendship Cake

As you can see from the most recent entry, Mexican Chocolate and Chilli Cake, each of the bakes comes with careful descriptions and some lovely photography.

Lauren says she was inspired to start her foodie journey after discovering interesting tastes in far off places during sabbatical travelling and from going on holidays.

“The idea came to me one metro ride to work. I love eating, baking and travelling. Why not combine them all and challenge myself to baking and blogging eighty things from around the world? I began that day and it started to consume my mind completely.”

There’s 50 more world recipes to go so follow the blog at Oh, and she’s also running the Great North Run in aid of Oxfam and you can sponsor her efforts here.

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