Northern men taking cooking lessons? Here’s proof

While looking around for examples of interesting cookery courses going on in the north, I came across this snippet from my Northerner colleague Martin Wainwright who claims to have unearthed something of a gender shift in the culinary arts.

He writes about the Cooking School at Dean Clough.

“A fish-cooking course last month had men as half the students, compared with a usual ratio of 80 percent women to 20 percent men, and it wasn’t a series of sessions in how to run a fish-and-chip shop (historically more of a male occupation, though not exclusively). Indian cookery courses have also seen more men involved, as have the ‘Taste of..’ adventures into global cuisine which the school runs on Monday evenings.

“Organisers have had a look at bookings and concluded that women buying a course as a gift is partly responsible, a good way round the familiar problem of men expressing great enthusiasm to have a go, knowing that they will be refused because of the probable mess and incompetence. The school’s chef manager Matthew Benson-Smith also suggests that there may have been a bit of ‘Look how clever he is..’ goading in front of TV sets at home, as celebrity hunks show off their cooking skills.”

You can read the full article here. Is this a kitchen revolution? I’d love to hear details of any more schools, courses or from people who have attended any such across the north of England. Please do drop me a line or comment below.


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