Marmite and soliders wins food award in London

If there’s two things I think I know about readers of this blog it’s 1. a love of discussing the merits of Marmite (five years and counting ) and 2. we all enjoy the opportunity to have a chuckle at southern silliness in the food department.

This then should be the perfect story.

The Yorkshire Dales food blog brings news from the capital – that a plate of toasted soldiers and Marmite has won an award. As the lovely pictures on the blog show – it even, yes wait for it, it even comes served in a Marmite jar!

The plate of ‘Marmite Royale’ (£8 but it does include foie gras) won the Best  Dish for London’s Club Gascon at the Taste of London Restaurant Festival.

C Wildman quotes a ‘delighted’ chef Pascal Aussignac:

“I’m honoured to win this award, especially in front of such wonderful London chefs. It’s an amazing feeling and I am so proud of my team……
“The dish is a combination of culinary influences and techniques from my French homeland and my adopted home London.”


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