Thai cafe opens in Leeds for street food experience

BKKcafeTwo Thai women who’ve made Leeds their home have set up this interesting sounding new cafe. I haven’t had the opportunity to pop by yet, but I like the sound of this place which offers the sort of street food that’s found in Bangkok and describes itself as a ’boutique’ cafe .

One of those behind the Bangkok Cafe venture, Bow told me more:

“We cook authentic thai meals which is not typical how takeaway places always do. Authentic Thai food from our interpretation is freshly cooked food with fresh ingredients and real thai herbs. Therefore, we cook each dish to order in front of you, using only the freshest ingredients you can see on display.

ingredients“Our tips for making good thai food are of course using fresh ingredients, good balance of salty, sweet, sour, and spicy tastes and cooking at right temperature especially high heats for stir fry dishes.

“We avoid using dried and packaged herbs for instance lemongrass and galangal because they hardly taste comparing to the fresh ones.”

The cafe has only been open a short time and, while they are finding that the well-known Pad Thai is proving to be the most popular choice, they also offer dishes less familiar to UK diners a such as Koa Pad Num Prik Kapi.

Bangkok Cafe is in Hyde Park Corner, Leeds.

Have you tried it? Share your experience with us via the comments below.


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