Product trial: Gift hamper from Forman and Field

The hamper revealed!

I’m a bit of a sucker for hampers, to be honest, not least because you end up with a lovely storage box for your trouble but also it’s exciting opening it up to find out what’s inside.

So when asked if I’d like to try one of their popular gift hampers, it was time to clear some space in the fridge.

It’s not a company I’ve come across before, based in London, and specialising in British food – so what’s in the box?

Packaging: Didn’t disappoint. A lovely wicker hamper stuffed with goodies carefully packed and protected. Delving in was a bit like a lucky dip….a small glass of potted lobster, a pork pie….. a box of luxury chocs……what would be unearthed next?

Contents: A great selection of luxury goods. Sometimes hampers look better than the sum of what’s inside and I’ve been disappointed in the past to encounter some really ordinary biscuits or a relish which you could buy anywhere, but this selection was very much aimed at us foodies.

The smoked salmon from H Forman and Son was especially good – thick and with their hallmark ‘London cure’ which is lighter and less salty than a traditional Scottish smokery.

The selection of cheese was also very interesting – even if the one did manage to overwhelm the fridge with its ‘fragrance’! I could be wrong, but I believe that was the Innes Log, described on the website as ‘a nutty, goaty delight’. One for adventurous cheese lovers only!

The others, a blue and two hard cheeses, were unfamiliar to me but well worth exploring and are featured in greater detail here.

Away from the meat, cheese and fish there were some sweet treats too. I loved the little pot of sharp lemon curd, the tea infused chocolate truffles and the cakes were….well, gone too soon! The chances of them reaching the seven day ‘eat before’ date needed because of the fresh ingredients in the chocolate brownie and banana cake are pretty slim.

Verdict: It was a treat in a box and, while not cheap – the smallest hamper retails at £34.95 and the most expensive a whacking £219.95 – the quality of the produce and its British pedigree would make it a great gift choice for the foodie in your life.

* The goods from the hamper gift baskets were provided free of charge for review purposes. Please note, if you wish to provide goods for review, they are accepted on the understanding that good, bad or indifferent, this blog’s product trials section says it as it finds it.


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