World Curry Festival, cooking apps and cupcakes – food news to start the week


– Bradford’s been playing host to the World Curry Festival over weekend. It’s a massive three day event across multiple venues in the city which the organisers said has been running for the past three years: “The World Curry Festival was created in 2010, in celebration of 200 years since the first curry house was originally established in the UK. The event, now in its third year, attracts curry-lovers in their thousands, who come to experience an authentic curry and to revel in the party atmosphere.” The Telegraph and Argus has this video report from the start of the event.

– How many apps do you need? I have to thank @GirlLondon on Twiter for sharing this – an incredible 50 apps to get cooking from The Next Web.

– If you’ve spotted the new Pet Lamb cake shop in Newcastle’s Grainger Market over the past week and wondered who’s behind it…turns out it’s food blogger Katie Cakes’ latest venture. But not content with the new shop (and that gorgeous looking recipe for a chessboard cake) she’s also managed to fit in writing a book. She posts on her blog:

“For the last few month I’ve been the busiest I have ever been in my whole life.  I opened a cake shop named Pet Lamb in the heart of Newcastle with my best friend and partner in crime, this would be enough to keep any normal person occupied but not me.  While pouring all of my heart and soul into my fledgling business I have also been spending every second I had away from the shop writing my book.”

– and talking of Newcastle, don’t forget…..
Urban Night Feast



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