New additions to the Northern Food Bloggers map

Image from Scobberlotch

Three new additions to the Northern Food Bloggers map  this weekend, please welcome them all via the link at the top of the page.
Firstly, Scobberlotch.
The word is helpfully defined:

scobberlotch: (v) to loaf around, doing nothing in particular.
This blog is created by a husband and wife blogging duo I was lucky enough to bump into at last week’s Sky Tyne and Wear event where we shared some tasty nibbles.
As the blog’s about us section explains:

“She stumbled across the word scobberlotch in a textbook during her first year of university. He discovered it again 2 years later and reminded her of their mutual love for the word. “

Secondly. Harriet Taste North East is another creation from the Newcastle area which I’ve been meaning to update here for a while so….apologies for the delay.

Finally, Mel J who writes about eating places in West Yorkshire got in touch via the old version of this blog and I’m not able to add the Yummy in Yorkshire blog.

Any more? If you think you belong there, please do let me know either here at the blog, via twitter @foodiesarah or email


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