Ready for the first International Food Photography Day? #foodphotoday2012

Snapping that plate of food! Well, we all love doing it don’t we? Well I do, much to occasional embarrassment of family and friends. Whether it’s for the flickr group, blogging, foodpspotting, Instagram or Twitter, almost seems rude not to these days.

So whoever came up with the world’s first International Food Photography Day challenge for tomorrow would seem to be onto a winner – they want everyone to snap a meal and tweet it with the hashtag #FoodPhotoDay2012.

In Leeds there’s even a launch event going on to mark the occasion for invited guests ‘to celebrate food photography in all its tasty and delicious glory’.

The organisers explain:

“We are encouraging everyone to celebrate the art of food photography by taking a snap of their mid morning apple, a sandwich from their lunchbox, a takeaway curry or supper at a friend’s house.

“Everyone who takes part on Twitter using the hashtag #FoodPhotoDay2012 on Wednesday 14 November will automatically be entered into a draw to win the newly launched Canon EOS M. This compact system camera has been designed for people who use photography to share their everyday passions and combines the image quality of a DSLR in a compact and easy to use body.

“We hope you will be inspired to snap your crackle and pop at the breakfast table, get zoomy on your halloumi at lunch or simply shoot a winner at dinner – wherever you are with food on Wednesday 14 November, take a picture and create your own food masterpiece.

“Pictures on phones or cameras, whatever comes to hand, make this a day to remember, for an art form that has been around, astonishingly, for more than 150 years, recording and celebrating all aspects of the earth’s bounty.”

International Food Photography Day is conceived by the organisers of Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year 2013 – I shall be adding my own tweet for the day and have also set up a little bot to track all of the tweets worldwide so that it’s easy to browse through them here:


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