Some gadget eggs-periments for Easter

JohnLewisGadgetsEaster. Eggs. Obviously. I’ve been lucky enough to receive these egg related goodies from John Lewis through the post which, as well as some of the expected chocolate variety, also includes two gadgets – one for boiling an egg, the other for poaching.

Here in six seconds is demo of how they work using the video app Vine:

Well it said it was a soft boiled and so it was. Onto the poached variety with the packet of bags called Poachies.

As you see, they create an un-eggshaped final item but each one was perfectly cooked and a lot less messy than my usual method of just breaking them into the pan and hoping for the best.

chickThere’s more egg gadgets here, who knew the humble egg would inspire so much invention?

Making breakfast pastries, Istanbul style

On a couple of recent business trips to Istanbul I’ve been fortunate to stay in a residence where an amazing breakfast spread was prepared from the small kitchen each day.


Cheeses, fruit, meat all laid out – plus some baked tasty, freshly-made that morning pastries of a different style every day but usually involving egg or cheese. The city that truly never sleeps has a great tradition of morning baked goods with shops and cafes selling filled pastries opening early in the day.

As the rest of the household slept, I ventured in to see what was cooking one morning and got this instruction on making the delicious hot cheese and dill pastries while sipping chai and being invited to take these pictures.

It starts with spreading out the large sheets of very thin floured pastry which is sold fresh.

Next comes the filling, but first each of the large sheets are cut into four squares. As far as I know, the exact ingredients aren’t easily available in the UK (or maybe they are in large cities with a Turkish population) but I think it would be possible to create something very similar using filo pastry and a 50/50 mix of mozerella cheese (in place of the stringy Turkish version) and a slightly sharper, harder cheese such as feta. It takes about half a cup of each plus a generous handful of dill only in the centre of the squares.

Finally, each quarter is folded over itself before being brushed by bean egg and sprinkled with seseme seeds. It’s te little touches of seseme seeds or poppy seeds that really add to the pastry’s flavours. They are then cooked in a medium oven for about 10mins until golden on the top and gooey within. Serves hot. What could be a better start to a busy day!

Updates to the map of northern food bloggers

Thanks to a little tweet from the ever wonderful CultureVultures blog, a few more northern food and drink blogs have been in touch and I’ve updated the map.

Check out new additions:

and a move of location and change of name for : @comedinewitrach

The map is starting to look like a Manchester versus Leeds affair and I’m quite sure there’ll be plenty of food blogs further north if only I could find them……can you help me and spread the word.