BlogNorth4 Gallery: A day of cake, fun and sharing in pictures

This gallery of some of the people – and the cake – which made up yesterday’s BlogNorth4 event for food bloggers has been drawn from the twit pics and instagram pictures shared by the participants using the hashtag.

Mouse over the images to see who created them and what’s being said. The gallery was produced using the n0tice app Hash Gordon which I am involved in developing.

If you’d like to embed this picture gallery on your own blog or website, simply go to the Hash Gordon front page and search for #blognorth4. All the pictures will then appear with the embed code underneath which can be copied and pasted out into a blogpost or editorial CMS.

If you’d rather restrict the number of pictures displayed, or limit it to a particular user, you’ll see there’s tools on the left-hand side of the page to customise how it appears.

btw. the code won’t work within blogs – along with many other embeds, WordPress require that you have the self-hosted version to run it.

In order to curate this picture gallery I set up a noticeboard which captured a much broader selection of content including text only tweets and Flcikr images so if you want to remind yourself of everything that went on over at the event you can check it out here: The feeds used have now been halted.

As I mentioned yesterday, the n0tice toolkit is open to all so if you want something like this for your own event, blog, brand or organisation there’s instructions here: or feel free to contact me for more information.


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