Video: From Pixel to Print: Making the transition from blogger to published author

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BlogNorth4, a set on Flickr.

Whether it’s accidental good fortune or a planned route, for some food bloggers the online passion project they started out with ends up as an enterprise in print. The BlogNorth4 event in Leeds yesterday heard from two such people who started with blogs and ended up being published authors.

Their stories are very different.
Lynn Hill who started the Clandestine Cake Club was approached by a publishing agent looking for a book but them had to go out and demonstrate that she was both ‘famous’ enough and could command enough of a following before getting into print. Television shows, radio appearences and more ensued to the point that Lynn told us her only regret is that she no longer gets time to see her friends. You can order her beautiful book here.The Clandestine Cake Club Cookbook

For Leigh Linley, after initially approaching major publishers cold about his Good Stuff blog and the idea for a book, he found success with a regional publisher who spotted the opportunity for a book which was very focussed on Yorkshire and presenting beer in a modern way to people interested in brewing and, of course, drinking.

His book, Great Yorkshire Beer, is available here.
Great Yorkshire Beer: Good Beer. Good Food. Good People


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