Move over Manchester Egg – the Geordie egg is on it way!

First came the Manchester Egg but it looks like it could it soon be rivaled by the Geordie egg.

The Mancunian version – “A pickled egg wrapped in Bury Black Pudding and premium sausage meat with a golden crumb” caused a bit of a media storm when it was created back in 2010.

But what of this north east upstart? Former MasterChef Live champion, Gareth Kyle, has cooked this while making Geordie-themed dishes including black and white scotch eggs which, no surprises, use white and black pudding!

A few other pickings from the northern food scene this week:

* At Leeds Grub, Katie bemoans the loss of the well-regarded restaurant Antony’s and invites a conversation about reasons for its demise. “Some people are blaming shiny new Trinity luring customers away and I’m sure that is a factor,  but I feel that the Anthony’s offering as a whole has been frustratingly hit and miss for a while.”

* In the latest of the humorous telling of tales from a pub restaurant, the Northern Snippet reveals proof that the beauty of a rump has proved to be in the eye of the beholder. ‘That was wonderful,the best rump steak I’ve ever tasted,thankyou so much..’

* Did you know that herbs can cause food poisoning? It’s been revealed that they can be just as dangerous as any other food item that’s not prepared properly. Health officials say that uncooked curry leaves in chutney were the cause of the Newcastle street food festival poisoning outbreak which affected more than 400 people.

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Need a faster food order? Deploying drones for home delivery

Forget supermarket vans, how would you like your groceries be delivered by drone? And why beat eggs, sugar and other messy ingredients – just print off that sugary coating on your cute cupcake?

Neither development is that that far-fetched it seems – these are just two technology-meets-food stories I’ve noticed this week.

First of all the drone delivery vehicle – take a look here where your high street pizza provider Dominos’s shows off its ‘DomiCopter’.

It got a writer at Esquire magazine wondering ‘about drones. About the possibilities they hold for the American consumer. About their ethicality.’

“And even though it was presumably just a PR stunt, and FAA approval for commercial drone use is still a few years off, I find myself thinking that, if it did happen, I’d have a few questions.”

Yes, I think we can safely say we’d all have some questions on that……

So what about printed cakes? This is taking technology more commonly associated with engineering feats, 3D printing, and turning it over to sugar and spice and all things nice.

In a rather breathless interview with The Guardian’s technology section, husband and wife team in LA, Kyle and Liz von Hasseln, explain.

“It’s such an exciting intersection between technology, food, and art. We’ve been getting excited reactions from all over the world. When you see a 3D-printed sugar sculpture that’s unlike any food you’ve seen before, its immediately clear that a whole new set of possibilities has opened up.”

Still…… sounds like the printable lamb chop might be a way off.

Audio: BBC Radio 4 takes a look at the food industry for The Bottom Line

I caught this radio programme about the food industry this afternoon and, if you’re interested in how the food supply chain in the UK works, it’s well worth a ‘listen again’.

Presenter Evan Davis finds out from three very different food companies about how their supply chains work and how much oversight any company leader can have. Guests discuss how to create an efficient and cost effective system that delivers on quality and safety. Do consumers elsewhere in Europe and the world demand the same level of locally-sourced credentials as the British now do and are these ideals worthwhile?

The guests are:
Alastair Storey, CEO, WSH
Perween Warsi, CEO, S&A Foods
Gavin Darby, CEO, Premier Foods

The podcast can be downloaded here.


Vote: Is breakfast the new eating out?

Cinnamon Roll
Picture: Pam Ramsey on Flickr.

It’s reported that 25% of us now eat breakfast out of the home at least once a week – is that you?

I will admit to being partial to a weekend brunch but apparently starting the day with a proper breakfast and using that as an opportunity for some early business networking, or simply making new friends, is becoming a trend in some areas.

Manchester now has its first breakfast club according to this article on the BBC food network.

Anna Tully and partner Jamie are serving up homemade cinnamon rolls and a buffet of sweet and savoury foods.

She says:

(The cinnamon rolls) are really, really decadent. I made a salted caramel that you pour into a pan and put the pecan and cinnamon rolls in there and turn them out.

“We wanted to add some savoury stuff to the menu as well so we do chorizo and courgette muffins, and Jamie wanted to try some French cooking, so he is making his own croissants from scratch.

So new trend or just a passing fancy? I’ll be talking about breakfast on the move on Monday morning’s Mike Parr show on BBC Radio Tees so let me know what you think below and please do cast your vote here.

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Mapped: Welcoming The Hungry Manc

The latest addition to my map of northern food bloggers is The Hungry Manc who is busy munching around Manchester.

LogoAuthored by The Kitchen Assistant, the blog attempts to capture something of the everyday with photography and reviews:

I will be writing about what I eat (and perhaps drink). Not necessarily by means of any sort of recommendation – jeez, why would, or should you listen – but simply to share my ideas and thoughts on the food we all eat.

Afterall we live for an average of 75 years each and eat 3 times a day – in one lifetime that comes to something in the region of 80,000 meals we all get through. So why not try to enjoy each one? And please share your thoughts here with others.

* Do you belong on the map? Please let me know via the comments below, email or tweet me @foodiesarah and I’ll add you into the next update.