Vote: Is breakfast the new eating out?

Cinnamon Roll
Picture: Pam Ramsey on Flickr.

It’s reported that 25% of us now eat breakfast out of the home at least once a week – is that you?

I will admit to being partial to a weekend brunch but apparently starting the day with a proper breakfast and using that as an opportunity for some early business networking, or simply making new friends, is becoming a trend in some areas.

Manchester now has its first breakfast club according to this article on the BBC food network.

Anna Tully and partner Jamie are serving up homemade cinnamon rolls and a buffet of sweet and savoury foods.

She says:

(The cinnamon rolls) are really, really decadent. I made a salted caramel that you pour into a pan and put the pecan and cinnamon rolls in there and turn them out.

“We wanted to add some savoury stuff to the menu as well so we do chorizo and courgette muffins, and Jamie wanted to try some French cooking, so he is making his own croissants from scratch.

So new trend or just a passing fancy? I’ll be talking about breakfast on the move on Monday morning’s Mike Parr show on BBC Radio Tees so let me know what you think below and please do cast your vote here.

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