Move over Manchester Egg – the Geordie egg is on it way!

First came the Manchester Egg but it looks like it could it soon be rivaled by the Geordie egg.

The Mancunian version – “A pickled egg wrapped in Bury Black Pudding and premium sausage meat with a golden crumb” caused a bit of a media storm when it was created back in 2010.

But what of this north east upstart? Former MasterChef Live champion, Gareth Kyle, has cooked this while making Geordie-themed dishes including black and white scotch eggs which, no surprises, use white and black pudding!

A few other pickings from the northern food scene this week:

* At Leeds Grub, Katie bemoans the loss of the well-regarded restaurant Antony’s and invites a conversation about reasons for its demise. “Some people are blaming shiny new Trinity luring customers away and I’m sure that is a factor,  but I feel that the Anthony’s offering as a whole has been frustratingly hit and miss for a while.”

* In the latest of the humorous telling of tales from a pub restaurant, the Northern Snippet reveals proof that the beauty of a rump has proved to be in the eye of the beholder. ‘That was wonderful,the best rump steak I’ve ever tasted,thankyou so much..’

* Did you know that herbs can cause food poisoning? It’s been revealed that they can be just as dangerous as any other food item that’s not prepared properly. Health officials say that uncooked curry leaves in chutney were the cause of the Newcastle street food festival poisoning outbreak which affected more than 400 people.

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