Pop-up trio from We The Animals pack up

Keepsake menu

Three of the creators of the pop-up restaurants We The Animals say they have decided to call it a day.

In an email to people who’ve attended their funky events (remember this gin-guzzling in a Leeds church) three of the original four strong team say their goodbyes:

Dear friends, supporters, and fellow foodies,

This letter is sent with a heavy heart, as this is the letter which formally announces the disbanding of We, The Animals.

After much consideration, We The Animals have decided to disband after a wonderful run of hosting two fun and widely-publicized pop-up restaurants: The Beast & The Swine and Underground. We have unfortunately had to face the sad reality that WTA was in fact a money-losing venture, and the decision has been made to pull in the reigns before losses become too great.

And it concludes:

The chefs and designer thank you for all of your support we have received over the last six months, and we appreciate your understanding during this trying situation.

In the meantime, we wish you well on your quests for a great meal!

What a shame – pop-ups seem to offer the perfect tryout for producing something more quirky than an average restaurant, let’s hope Tom Hunter (Chef), Chris Eyre (Chef), Andrea Huntley (Art Director) go on to do something exciting in the future.


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