North east business to deliver More More More food at home

More More More is making a move into the online home delivery market with range of homemade style everyday dishes.

Earlier this week the entrepreneurial owners of Newcastle’s Assembly Rooms invited some of us food bloggers over to show us their ambitious new venture and give us a taste of what’s on offer.

To get a proper feel for what’s cooking,we went into the kitchen to see the chefs cooking up a starter – lime leaf chicken with sweet chili sauce .

Then it was time to sample the mains – a shepherd’s pie and a lasagne and compare to some similar products from Waitrose.

The idea is to provide a different experience to the supermarket ready meal. The dishes are made fresh to order by the chef in the kitchens and sent out in simple packaging in portions of four so the helpings can be eaten or frozen.

It puts the north east company into a national market with surprisingly few competitors – the most well known being Forman and Field (which we’ve blogged about before here) – and taps into the same home dining trend all the supermarkets seem to be targeting with their starter-main-desert eat-in offers.

So how does it compare?

Price: At first glance, the prices might look steep but don’t forget the price given is for four portions. At £3.94 per person, the generous size chicken starter for example sounds more sensible.

Fantastic cheesecake

Appearance: The containers looked very familiar – and they are. The quality kilner jars and trays are from the same supplier as Forman and Field and both more pleasant to use and more attractive than the plastic and film supermarket versions.

Taste: Of the dishes we sampled, the chicken starter had great fresh, summery taste, the shepherd’s pie was nothing special but the standout star of the evening had to be the dessert of blueberry and mascarpone cheesecake bursting with fruit and perfectly balanced.

Verdict: Looking through the selection online there’s some great dishes on show. Personally, I don’t think I’d ever order up a shepherd’s pie – it just seems a bit too everyday and easy to bother with. But some of the other dishes and products offer something a bit different and more exciting and I wouldn’t overlook the dessert based on this week’s experience.

Having the added advantage of seeing where the food’s produced, ordering up something that’s more homemade than assembly line could be a handy backstop for a busy week.

One I made earlier – sort of

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