Two recipes for a Mother’s Day lunch

salmonmousseIf you’re thinking about what to do next weekend and fancy giving your mum a home-cooked treat, I’ve done a coupl eof recipes which are very simple and use pretty ordinary ingredients but that cook up a treat.

For a fresh and luxurious starter, there’s a salmon mousse and then for the main the traditional favourite Homity Pie.

The recipes really are as simple as child’s play.

Please do let me know how you get on – tweet me a snap! – and you can see my other recipes for Farmer’s Choice here.

Not just bringing home the bacon but …….making it?

baconSeriously, have you ever thought about making your own bacon? I can’t say I have, but apparently this level of home-made food production is gaining popularity.

According to Manchester journalist and food blogger at the wonderful Lone Gourmet, Louise Bolotin, it’s becoming something of a trend.

Writing at the new(ish) plaform for freelance journalists Contributoria, where I am editor, she says:

“Most people, when they fancy a full English, pick up their pack of bacon at the supermarket or from a local butcher if they have a good one nearby. But an increasing number of people are making their own, as well as more complex foods like pancetta and salami. Some are making kitchen table cheeses for their family too, and not from a commercial kit.”

Louise has already won backing from the members of Contributoria to investigate the topic more fully and will be starting work on it soon.

The way the site works means that other people can help with the article – if you’ve any knowledge of this type of produce, or perhaps you make similar things yourself – you are invited to get in touch there.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what she comes up with and, once the article is complete, it will be issued under a non-commercial licence so I’ll share it with you here.

Of course I’m biased on this, but I think the Contributoria platform could be a good way to fund more food writing. There’s already been an article on a local food producer in Glasgow and there’s also currently a writer looking for backing to investigate local versus global food networks for next month.

If that story sounds like something you’d be interested in, you can back the writer by joining the site (membership is currently free) and you’ll be issued with 150 points to spend. Points are translated into real pounds and pence which is paid to the writers.

And if you’ve a food-based story you’d like to be paid to produce, pitch-in, we’re always recruiting! Sign up here.

Welcome to the Yorkshire Food Otter

copy-yfo-banner-check1The latest food blog to join our map of Northern Food Blogs is the Yorkshire Food Otter.

A relatively new blog, it’s all about the search for great ingredients as author Emma explains:

This blog is my search for quality ingredients produced or stocked by passionate individuals who want to encourage their customers to eat seasonally so as to taste the ingredients at their best and with confidence that their provenance can be traced. A natural path to follow on from these ideas is recommending places I have been to such as street stalls, pubs, restaurants, cafés or coffee houses, for example, that serve up glorious fare whilst also being advocates of eating and drinking knowledgeably.

* If you belong on the Northern Food Bloggers map, please let me know via the comments below or twitter @foodiesarah or email