Paddling with asparagus

The seasonal veg cook-up continues with baked asparagus. Unlike last night’s courgette based dish, this recipe from the DeLonghi Multifry App uses what they describe as a ‘paddle’.

Basically it looks like this……


And moves the food around in the cooking bowl. I was a bit worried when I switched on the oven that something had gone wrong as the paddle didn’t move but it seems it clicks into action as the food starts to cook rather than wasting its efforts on the raw ingredients at the start.

Tonight’s recipe also contained a reasonable amount of liquid as the asparagus first cooks in stock and then the paddle is removed while the Grana Padano cheese and breadcrumbs are added to brown it off in the last few minutes.

But it all went a bit wrong. The recipe was supposed to look like this – delicate fronds of succulent asparagus gently coated in a cheese sauce.

But it actually looked like this…….


I think I can explain what happened. Basically I didn’t add enough liquid so that the cheese and breadcrumbs just clumped together but also, the stock I used was just too concentrated so it led to an overly intense flavour as well as the wrong texture.

Live and learn – tomorrow could be time to try out the cooker on some meat.


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