Recipe: Lamb chops cooked with dill

turkishAs it’s well-known that I love cooking and cookbooks, and so I am fortunate to be given interesting publications from time to time. Including one called simply Turkish Cookery which can be an inspiring start to finding a new recipe.

There’s only one problem, the 1992 book from Net Turistik has its own style of English to work around. The pictures of the food always look very authentic Turkish food even if the names of the dishes may be lost in translation – how do you fancy an egg dish called woman’s thigh for example?

As you’d expect, there’s a good number of lamb (mutton) dishes and a recipe for ‘meat with bones cut from the loin’ caught my eye as it included pairing the meat with dill. More usually associated with fish, dill is a lovely soft herb and, hoping that this wasn’t simply a mistake, I was interested to see how it went with the new season lamb.

A quick google search revealed that this combination is quite common in other parts of the world including Sweden where lamb, lemon and dill seems popular. So, translating ‘3 salads’ to handfuls of baby spinach, and adding in some potato to make this a one pot dish – I cam up with a whole new recipe.

Lamb with dill

You can see the full recipe at my Farmers’ Choice page here.

Recipe: Venison and beetroot casserole

IMG_0284A healthy and warming dish for a cold night. It’s lighter and leaner than using beef but the recipe works just as well with beef although may take slightly longer to cook and require fat skimming off the top at the final stage before serving.The beetroot will bleed into the sauce, giving everything a rosy tint. Serve this with lots of mash potato and some greens but would be just as good with some crusty bread.

The full recipe is at my Farmers’ Choice page here.

Recipe: Fish pie with slices and veg

R442LFish pie is such a favourite, comforting family dinner. But this recipe is a bit different and dispenses with the big layer of mash on top and instead tops the creamy sauce with simple sliced potato as well as cramming a bit of extra veg portion in too.

Although still warming, it should be a bit lighter on the waistline than the cheesy mash that usually features. Let me know what you think.

The full recipe – and all the ingredients needed to make this – are on my Farmers’ Choice page right here.

Recipe: Pan fried venison steaks with berry salad

Pan fried venison with berries
Ok there’s a slight autumnal nip in the air but I really didn’t want to let the summer feeling fade just yet.

Pairing the tenderest of venison steaks – only lightly cooked – with some of the plentiful berry harvest of late summer seemed like a fresh way of wringing the last drops of the season.

I’ve posted the full recipe and instructions at Farmer’s Choice here.

Vegetarian curry with squash and chick peas

veggieThe DeLonghi Multifry challenge is coming towards its end for me and this was the most ambitious dish I tried to date.

A vegetarian curry from scratch in well under an hour. The recipe app suggested this would take 55min but actually was a good bit quicker. The total cooking time was 25 mins and it didn’t take very long to chop an onion and a squash.

The ingredients list was fairly simple again – dried spices in the form of paprika, tumeric and curry – the chickpeas, onion, squash and garlic. All topped up with some veg broth.

It made for a substantial curry – something better suited for cold weather – but also pretty mild. If I made it again I’d definitely add some extra chilli and ginger to the mix.

Veggie curry

Overall verdict: Simple to create and tasty. Serve with a dollop of plain yoghurt, naan bread, basmati rice and a green salad for a filling veggie main meal.

Recipe: BBQ garlic and rosemary lamb with vegetable skewer

BBQIt is BBQ season. No really, it is. Despite the Bank Holiday weather, those hazy evenings are nearly upon us. If you don’t mind the occasional gust of wind, you could be braving the odd BBQ right now.

(Our neighbours probably think we’re a bit crazy as well – extreme barbqeuing is not unknown here)

When you do eventually light the coals or purchase the gas, this is a tried and tested recipe that I’ve done for Farmer’s Choice with gives the meat some extra flavour.

Read it in full here.

Recipe: Rabbit in mustard sauce

rabbitI thought I’d do something a bit different for Easter this year so – what about the bunny? Rabbit’s not that widely eaten in the UK which is a bit of a shame with it being reasonably cheap, lean and easy to come by.

So perhaps this take on the traditional French dish (but made a little bit easier) might tempt your taste buds.

Click here to see the recipe and step-by-step instructions at Farmer’s Choice who also have a good supply of wild rabbit.

Two recipes for a Mother’s Day lunch

salmonmousseIf you’re thinking about what to do next weekend and fancy giving your mum a home-cooked treat, I’ve done a coupl eof recipes which are very simple and use pretty ordinary ingredients but that cook up a treat.

For a fresh and luxurious starter, there’s a salmon mousse and then for the main the traditional favourite Homity Pie.

The recipes really are as simple as child’s play.

Please do let me know how you get on – tweet me a snap! – and you can see my other recipes for Farmer’s Choice here.

Recipe: Japanese-style chicken stew

Japanese style chicken stew
Japanese style chicken stew

I came up with this simple one-pot recipe that’s inspired by the clean tastes of Japanese cookery and uses surprisingly few ingredients for such a big flavour. If you’re lucky enough to live near a Japanese or Chinese food store then there are broth products available although I used an well-known basic consume powder from a major supermarket which worked just fine and gave the dish the slightly glutinous texture you’d expect.

It’s an easy and complete meal with no need for accompaniments – check out the ingredients and step-by-step instructions on my page at Farmer’s Choice here.