Chips adored at Manchester International Festival

Float in praise of bacon rolls
Float in praise of bacon rolls

Food earned its rightful place at the heart of the community when the procession by artist Jeremy Deller took to the streets today.

A mobile version of Bury’s Valerie’s Cafe honoured the bacon roll but the star of the show was the amazing “Adoration of the Chip” float complete with giant cone of fries at the front and a full choir belting out their praise for the nation’s favourite deep fried delight.

See it for youself with this Qik clip, they come inĀ  just after the Stalybridge brass band play to mark their 200th anniversary with a commemoration of the Peterloo Massacre.

(It also got everyone in the mood for chips – Liverpool Road’s fish hut seen doing a brisk trade as procession followers grabbed a tray before heading into Deansgate!)

Away from foodie concerns, the procession made for a fantastic afternoon. A clever but completely accessible artwork which celebrated such a wide variety of Manchester communities.

The goths and moshers were there, as were the kids who drive their cars at the back of the Toys R Us car park proudly taking part alongside more traditional forms such as Rose Queens and the former mill workers.

The city was a buzz, the atmosphere reflecting the sunshine – congratulations certainly due to all who made it happen.

More pictures from the parade on Flickr.