Chicken with potatoes, rosemary and garlic #multifrychallenge

“Well that was simple enough even for me. Delicious as well.”

Not-fried chicken

There you have it! That’s what passes for a positive review in my house.

The meal was indeed simple to produce. I was a bit sceptical about putting all the ingredients in raw with no preperation at all – no browning of the chicken, no chopping of the herbs or garlic and also no oil.
The recipe from the De’Longhi Multifry Challenge app just advised to add them all to the cooker dish (no paddle) and switch it on for 50mins, stirring a couple of times.

But the results and response speak for themselves. The chicken was succulent, very much like fried chicken in fact. The potatoes roasted and the rosemary managed to scatter itself around the dish somehow….Served with a very lightly dressed green salad.


Recipe: BBQ garlic and rosemary lamb with vegetable skewer

BBQIt is BBQ season. No really, it is. Despite the Bank Holiday weather, those hazy evenings are nearly upon us. If you don’t mind the occasional gust of wind, you could be braving the odd BBQ right now.

(Our neighbours probably think we’re a bit crazy as well – extreme barbqeuing is not unknown here)

When you do eventually light the coals or purchase the gas, this is a tried and tested recipe that I’ve done for Farmer’s Choice with gives the meat some extra flavour.

Read it in full here.