M6 service station food praise

I accept that very few people ever travel to a service station to experience the food. Aside from Heston’s Little Chef experiment, our roadside eateries are, on the whole, places known only for over-priced stodge, unclean toilet facilities and burger chains.

So it was interesting to see the excellent Travels with my baby blog single out Tebay as “probably the best service station in the world“.

She says: “Inside, a family-run farm shop is stocked with local cheese, meat, homemade pies and hampers. The cooked food is all sustainable this and Fairtrade that. The kiddies menu is a revelation – not a chicken nugget in sight. And there is a children’s play area and ‘family lounge’ that isn’t just a bunch of tired-looking plastic toys but is decked out with a farmland-themed climbing frame, tunnel and slide.”

Not having children to worry about, I’ve never been in this strange world of its family lounge but have memories of getting a proper meal in the restaurant there – sushi and roast quail if I remember rightly.

Having been the butt of many family jokes for taking Himself to this service station for a birthday meal, it was good to see that I’m not the only one who found the place worth a visit.

It seems Tebay is still the exception that proves the nasty road stop rule.