Delve, a new magazine for Yorkshire launched at #blognorth4


The big news from #blognorth4 is this – the launch of a new glossy magazine from a team which includes CultureVultures bloggers Emma (Bearman) and Phil(Kirby) plus Fran (Graham).

Called Delve it’s described as a bi-annual appetiser for the discerning and adventurous. It contains articles and pictures of some of the things that are best about Yorkshire.

In this first edition there’s articles about cheese, there’s a personal account about a Pakistanin breakfast dish and there’s design – this is not a listings or recommendations site.

At launch during the lunch break Emma explained why she’s got into print after becoming so well known for blogging and tweeting.

“There are a lot of people out there who don’t exist on twitter or blog. When you talk to people who don’t engage in social media about the amount of things going on, they are amazed at the sort of stuff they are missing out on.

” For me it’s also been about taking a but of time out, maybe I have gone down a worm hole of excessive Twitter use. So much stuff is throw away and disposable. Delve is almost the flip of ultra- on culture. I was early into blogging but maybe it’s time that I’m putting some limit’s on that.”

Earlier at #blognorth4:

We heard from professional food photographer, Paul Winch Furness who offered some tips on getting the best shots and took a small group of us out on a photo walk around Kirkgate market.

“Think of the persuasiveness of the photo, what do I want to achieve with this. Do they illustrate the text or do they have to stand up with them for themselves?

“There’s no such thing as the best camera to do food photography, the best phone is the one in your pocket or handbag.I find that if you use Instagram, there’s something more authentic and people seem to believe the picture more than with a studio shot.”

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