Two newcomers at the northern food bloggers map

Time to welcome two new additions to the northern food bloggers map.
The first is also a newcomer to food blogging – Caroline says she’s a lover of good food, good wine and good conversation and after eight years of living in Leeds she’s decided to start

She says: “I love this city, and I love what it has to offer in terms of new and exciting food experiences. I love exploring new bars, restaurants and menus, and after reading lots of other food blogs for a while now, I finally decided it was time to start my own! Here you’ll find my thoughts on Leeds’ restaurants, bars, cafes, street food vendors and any place else I find myself.”

The second is the intrepid Mike who claims he does actually eat everything – except ‘cold tomatoes’ (what did they do offend we wonder?)

His website is also our first entry for Warrington and, despite the fact he has only been going a few months, he’s already clocked up a good few posts and reviews.

He says: “Being a massive foody I started it because I was taking pictures of everywhere I was eating out at and being a web geek I decided to start the blog!”

Welcome to both.

* If you belong on the map – drop me a line in the comments or by email to and tell me a little about your blog. A link back to the map would be appreciated as well.

Welcoming Craftilicious to the northern food bloggers map

craftiliciousThe latest addition to the map of northern food bloggers is Sheffield based Craftilicious.

Blogger Tara tells me she is hoping to get her blog as active as her current crafting one.

I am a keen foodie who loves to cook, entertain and eat out. I host a monthly book group which these days has less to do with books and more to do with dinner… I have an insatiable weakness for cookbooks and can’t pass a bookshop without one (as my now groaning walls full of bookshelves will testify!)

If you belong on the map, please let me know via the comments below or twitter @foodiesarah or email

Chefs tour the north west and north Yorkshire food stars

The north of England’s foodie hotspots have been discovered by The Guardian this weekend with both north Yorkshire and the north west being featured.

Writing in food and drink pages, Michelin-starred chef of the Yorke Arms in Pately Bridge, Frances Atkins takes a look at places including Harrogate, Ripon and Wensleydale.

Meanwhile chef Mary-Ellen McTague makes the case for looking past the clubbing and nightlife scene of north west cities and instead thinking food.

We’ve always done other stuff brilliantly in the north-west: art, music, fashion, design, clubbing, brawling … But we never quite got that combination of cool and quality right where food is concerned. But things have changed around here over the past couple of years, and we have a load of places to be proud of.

Check out her recommendations here.

Welcome Patchy Growth and Taste of the North to the bloggers map

Two new additions to the map of northern food blogs this weekend – both from the north east.

First up it’s Lee with his blog of allotment-related affairs which also covers restaurants reviews and recipes at Not just cooking but growing the stuff as well.

Second is Paul with the does what it say title of tasteofthenorth. He describes his site:

Northern England has a wonderful larder and with a sweeping coastline, we have great access to fresh fish from various harbours. We also have a great variety of butchers, bakers, grocers and brewers that make it a mecca for foodies. I want to promote what the North has to offer whether it be Eateries, Watering Holes, Producers or Shops.

Taste Of The North includes recipes, reviews, food writing and photography.

I’m looking forward to following them both.

If you belong on the map, please let me know via the comments below or twitter or email

Four more blogs join the northern food bloggers map

A warm to welcome to four new entries on the Northern Food bloggers map. Does all this activity represent something of a resurgence in food blogging for the north? I don’t know but wouldn’t that be a welcome move 🙂

First up we have Food and Frets from Hebburn. (And yes, that is a real place and not just a television producer’s fantasy.) Up there in south Tyneside, Steve, a former butcher, cook and teacher, is busy serving up recipes and reviews around Newcastle.

He’s even tackled that masculine no-man’s land of quiche! 

Then we have a trio of Leeds foodies added to the map: has been running since 2011 and Claire aims it at resturant reviews mostly in the city but occasionally further afield. is about a search for just that from blogger Rebecca who believes that food can bring people together. “I have learnt this from my Mum, who can whip up a dinner for four in under 30 minutes.”

– And Diane is also looking at Leeds although with she does reveiw stuff further afield when travelling in the UK or abroad.

Welcome all. If you belong on the map, drop me a line wither in the comments, on Twitter @foodiesarah or by email and tell me a bit about your blog and I’ll include them in the next update.

Recipe: Pan Haggerty

Katys Pan Haggerty

Guest blogger Katy Runacres has cooked up a treat with this recipe for famous northern dish Pan Haggerty.

She says: “This is a recipe originally from Newcastle and the Northumberland region. It is thought to be originally made by Geordie coalminers to warm the belly and fill you up! It is a one pot meal which is similar to a potato gratin but a true British Northern recipe.”

According to the Information Britain website,  the addition of bacon marks the start of some luxury for “a dish that tells a story of poverty and ingenuity, and also of the close links that Northumberland had and has with Scotland – the root of Haggerty is said to be the same as haggis , both derived from the French hache, meaning chopped.”


It’s a very easy and simple recipe with not too many obscure ingredients. This recipe makes for two hungry people.


  • 4 potatoes (peeled)
  • 1 carrot (peeled)
  • 1 onion (peeled)
  • 4/5 rashers of bacon chopped up
  • 4 handfuls of good cheddar cheese or similar hard strong flavoured cheese
  • Salt and pepper
  • Vegetable or meat stock (get one pint ready but may use less)


  • Thinly slice carrots, potatoes and onions.
  • Fry your bacon in a little oil in a pan.
  • Empty the bacon from the pan and take off the heat.
  • Start layering the thinly cut potato, carrot, onion and the fried bacon in the same pan, layer by layer.
  • Once you have done this, add vegetable stock so it just covers up and over the top layer.
  • Let the whole thing simmer at medium heat for approximately 30 minutes with a lid on. It will bubble away!
  • Add grated cheddar cheese to top, and a little salt and pepper.
  • Put your grill on in oven then place the pan under the grill until the cheese is all melted and golden.

Once all is ready tuck in with a fork or spoon and have some bread on hand too to soak up all the juices.

Katy Runacres offers more recipes or news at her blog:

Do you have a northern food recipe to share? Let me know.

All set for #blognorth4 Food Glorious Food

It’s nearly time for the fourth Blog North event – Food Glorious Food is being organised by the fabulous CultureVultures blog and on in Leeds all day tomorrow.

There’ll be cake, there’ll be cooking talk, of course, but more than that there’ll be all manner of food related workshops from photography to branding.

I shall be going along for the day – blogging, tweeting, snapping and eating.

I’m hoping to meet some new northern food bloggers – sure there’s some that should be added to my map – sit back and enjoy the workshops.

In readiness I’ve briefed my little n0tice reporter robot assistant, foodiebot, who will be capturing all the action on this dedicated noticeboard.

She’ll be capturing all the social content from the event as follows:
– tweets with the hashtag #blognorth4
– instagram pictures tagged #blognorth4
– Flickr pictures filed under Creative Commons sharing settings tagged #blognorth4
– youTube videos tagged and in the vicinity (none there yet but hey, never say never, video’s the new black don’t you know!).

The foodiebot’s work will mean I’ll have heaps of content stored to enjoy later, I won’t miss anything and I can curate shareable content for everybody from the event such as embeddable picture galleries.If you’d rather not be included in this, please do let me know.

I’ll be blogging here aplenty so, even if you can’t make it to Leeds, check back here for all the action over the weekend.

btw. If you’d like tools like this for your event, blog, brand or company please give me a shout as these are just some of the suite of tools available.

Updates to the map of northern food bloggers

Thanks to a little tweet from the ever wonderful CultureVultures blog, a few more northern food and drink blogs have been in touch and I’ve updated the map.

Check out new additions:

and a move of location and change of name for : @comedinewitrach

The map is starting to look like a Manchester versus Leeds affair and I’m quite sure there’ll be plenty of food blogs further north if only I could find them……can you help me and spread the word.

Great Northern Cookbook – the vote so far

When it returns to our screens tonight, the producers may well find they’ve lost a few viewers…..

The poll I published earlier in the week has so far drawn responses which show a complete split on the topic with 37.5% saying they thought the programme with Corrie star turned food producer Sean Wilson was ‘utter tripe’.

But another 37.5% will be giving it a second go tonight (8pm, C5) and the remainder (25%) loved it.

You can still vote if you wish – it’s just for fun.

Poll: The Great Northern Cookbook – tripe or treat?

This week saw the launch of The Great Northern Cookbook – a television series running on Channel 5 which aims to celebrate our local cuisines.

I know from twitter that quite a few of few of you tuned in to see ex-Corrie star turned food producer Sean Wilson tour the north and sample fish and chips in Whitby, tripe in Merseyside and a supersized pie in Yorkshire.

What did you think? Is that what food in the north is all about? I’d love to hear your view either in the comments below, on twitter or by casting a vote in the poll below.

Click here to cast your vote on The Great Northern Cookbook

For my part, from the title, I’d expected it to be more of a cooking show but I’ll be tuning in again next week. I do hope the programme makers have taken the time to research our changing and diverse tastes – maybe we’ll see some of the region’s chefs who work so hard to present on a new take on these traditional foods or celebrate the fantastic variety of cuisines now on offer.

As I’ve said before – it’s not all parmos and pies.

The The Great Northern Cookbook is £12.80. You can order this or browse my pick of other northern cookbooks here.