Product trial: Wharfe Valley rapeseed oil

photo-148I’ll admit I didn’t know anything about rapeseed outside of realising it’s that vivid yellow plant which patchworks much of Yorkshire’s fields each summer.

But as we shlurp our way through the diminishing supplies of imported olive oil it turns out there’s something a bit closer to home we could be enjoying and that’s the oil those sunshine yellow fields produce.

The samples I’ve been trying out are from Wharfe Valley farm which is a family- based business in Collingham which raises the crops and then uses traditional harvesting methods and cold presses to create these oils.

So far I’ve used the original rapeseed oil for a stir fry which was great as it doesn’t have a strong taste, more a light and slightly nutty one, and it does have a high smoking point (220 C), making it ideal for wok cooking.

Then to the Sicillian Lemon Rapeseed Oil. I wasn’t sure whether to eat it or bathe in it at first with it’s pretty floral motif and pale liquid.

A small spoonful revealed an astonishing depth of lemon punch. Using it to make a simple dressing with white wine vinegar turned out to be a perfect dressing for leaves to accompany fish. Only a small amount of oil was needed too.

I see that in the recipe section of the website, they also suggest using it to make lemon hummus which I can well imagine would be a perfect zesty dip – that will probably be this week’s treat.

Being a confirmed olive oil user it was surprising to learn the rapeseed oil has ten times more health boosting omega 3 oils than it’s continental cousin and that it’s a good source of Vitamin E. Now the winter’s keeping us indoors now, that’s certainly a benefit alongside the taste.

I shall try out some more recipes using it over the coming weeks.

* The rapeseed oil was provided free of charge for review purposes. Please note, if you wish to provide goods for review, they are happily accepted on the understanding that good, bad or indifferent, this blog’s product trials section says it as it finds it.