Dinner from the bin?

In a quest to cut down on food waste, one (soon to be relocating) Manchester blogger believes he has found the answer – eat for free from bins.

At the blog PhillyHarper.com he reveals details about raids on supermarket bins: “In one night we bagged hot cross buns, luxury waffles, hot chocolate, 7 pizzas (out of around 30 available), loaves of bread, orange juice, crumpets, biscuits, yoghurt bars and chocolate. There was more food available than we could comfortably carry but it was clear that we weren’t the only people taking free food from the supermarkets, so we left some for others to take home too.

“We got straight home and a vegetable pizza with taste the difference orange juice then onto hot chocolate for dessert. Remember, these aren’t bins we’re taking food from, they’re clearance isles where everything is free.”

An extreme solution or common sense?

You can read the full blog post here.