Why chefs should eat out

Quite simply so that they don’t serve this up.

Tempura vegetables. Not
Tempura vegetables. Not

I’ve never met the person responsible for producing this, but I’m pretty sure they don’t eat out much.

Anyone who has ever had tempura vegetables surely couldn’t send this out to a customer.

Battered veg with lashings of bottled sweet chili sauce would have been more accurate!

This lunchtime special from The Kings Head Hotel in Richmond is a world away from the Japanese delicacy where a light and lacy batter kisses and whispers across a flash-fried ingredient.

“Tempura embodies qualities Japanese cooks hold dear: fresh ingredients, precision cooking and beautiful presentation” as they say in Australia.

Sadly this dish of chunks of overcooked veg in a thick and greasy batter left me remembering a similar offering back in the days of the staff canteen of the Press & Journal where the cook treated me to a vegetarian kebab – complete with deep-fried battered Brussels sprout!

4 thoughts on “Why chefs should eat out

  1. That batter was probably over-whisked and the oil not hot enough. Basic mistakes, but smothering the tempura with chilli sauce is unforgivable. It’s for dipping.

    You should have sent that back.

    A deep fried Brussel sprout, on the other hand? That might just work.


  2. Thanks for your comments 😉 They’ve prompted me to start a new category – food frights. Feel free to share any of your own ill-advised inedible experiences!


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