@ The Court, Tottenham Court Road

OK I know it’s a way away – but it’s where I’ve just been. My only real reason for including a London venue here is that it was incredible value. In fact I found the whole dining experience in the smoke good value and good quality – price not reflected by a drop in standards.
So there are some things you wish could be imported north……………..
Batter: Crispy and not too thick but slightly greasy. Obviously fresh out of the frier. To counter this I approved of the way of serving it on paper – apart from the nod back to the days of newsprint, it did help drain the oil as you can see in the picture.
Fish:Good but not identifiable.
Chips: Good and crispy but light on quantity. My companion INET (I’m Not Eating That!) managed to get them all down her in record time and I’m sure she was eyeing up my last morsels too!
Peas: Good enough but nothing special. A bit bright in the colour department but a good texture.
Extras: No bread and butter offered but there was a little paper tub of tartar clinging to the side.
Verdict: Nothing special but tasty and good value. INET prides herself on sniffing out bargains and, at £6.50 for two, is this not the best priced meal in London?
Have you tried this pub? What did you think? Submit your comments below.
The Court is at 108a Tottenham Court Road, London, W1P 9HG.


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